July 16, 2024

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Training VMware Level 2

» Description

VMware is the platform the most comprehensive virtualization. Its services transform hardware into a shared platform for IT departments to provide availability, security and scalability.

VMware allows you to increase the productivity of your IT system while reducing operating and maintenance costs.


» Objectives

Manage a virtualized infrastructure on VMware ESXi Server

  • Manage virtual machines
  • Control the system resources used by VMware
  • Establish a reliable and redundant infrastructure to withstand disasters
  • Monitor your infrastructure and fix the most common problems


» Public

  • System administrators
  • Virtualized parks administrators
  • IT Managers
  • Directors of Information Systems
  • Consultants


» Required Prerequisites

  • Good knowledge of system administration
  • First knowledge of VMware technologies (ESXi, Workstation, Player, Server) is desirable


» Program

  • Installing and Configuring ESX Server
  • Deploying vSphere, vCenter
  • The VMware converter tool
  • Administration of an ESX server
  • Managing multiple data centers with VirtualCenter
  • The advanced features of VM
  • Managing templates
  • Managing Snapshots
  • Adding an ESX server to the inventory
  • Access to infrastrucrure
  • Permission Management
  • Implementing inheritance
  • Application permissions for different levels in the inventory
  • Network configuration
  • Advanced configuration of the network (virtual switch distributed, VLAN)
  • Physical topologies for virtual topologies
  • Access to the shared storage
  • Managing web access control
  • Establishment of policies
  • Implementation of network security policies
  • Managing network traffic
  • Performance of network cards
  • VM management from the web
  • VM management from the web
  • Optimizing Datacenter
  • Organization of clusters of data center
  • Resource allocation
  • The VMware Vmotion tool
  • The VMware Consolidated Backup tool


» Experience of trainers

VMware certified experts with long experience in the implementation of virtual infrastructures.


» Location

Yaoundé, Headquarters Elios Consulting


» NB

Related documentation will be provided to participants during the course of their training. It will focus on :

  • Course materials and appendices
  • Practical cases centered on the needs of participants