April 25, 2024

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G Data Antivirus Business

What is Business Security?

The innermost protective circle of our Layered Security concept protects the heart of every corporate network: the clients on which employees work with sensitive data on a daily basis, where they enter access data and open attachments from e-mails.

Endpoint Security includes all the technologies that protect these clients directly from threats and exploiting vulnerabilities. This includes proactive protection against malware, including an effective client firewall and efficient patch management to prevent vulnerabilities in installed programs from becoming an attacker's gateway.

IT managers must consider every aspect of risk relevant to maintenance of the systems in a business. G DATA tackles this challenge with a multi-layered security model. The Layered Security approach forms the major pillars of a modern, stable security architecture.

With G DATA solutions, you will protect the IT infrastructure in your company against viruses, spyware attacks and other risks. Besides the signature-based protective functions, they also include proactive technologies that detect and eliminate even the newest malware.

G DATA Antivirus Business, Client Security Business and Endpoint Protection Business make management of every component in your network easier. If necessary, optional modules enhance your business security. These include functions for controlling the roll-out of software patches, email protection at the server level and monitoring of network components.



Features included in G DATA Enterprise solutions:

-- Endpoint Security

-- Mobile Device Management

-- Availability & Performance

-- Data Protection & IT Compliance

-- Server and Gateway Security

-- Reporting and IT Audits

-- Managed Security Services.


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